David Ruiz - Patent Draftsman

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  • Platt College, AA Degree in Graphic Design (1996)

David Ruiz Biography

David Ruiz – Background:

As a patent draftsman Dave has an ability for creating perfect patent drawings even without an actual physical product or sketches, just given an idea or description and he can do the impossible. He also has a knack for product development and engineering so helping an inventor realize their products is no problem. Dave has done over a thousand patent drawings submitted and approved by the USPTO in his 15 years of drafting.


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David Ruiz – Experience:

Patent Draftsman, working with many IP Law Firms throughout Southern California, including Karich & Associates, 1998-present Graphic Design, including web sites, advertising, product brochures, photo rendering, animation, and video production, 1996-present Sales Manager, working at many retail locations including ladies shoe stores, drug stores, and more, doing sales and marketing, 1984-1998

David Ruiz – Personal:

Dave has a very creative talent when it comes to design and product development. Since high school he has been creating many interesting and intuitive products as a hobby, some of which are currently available for sale like the “Gazinta” Mobile Device Holder for the car.

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