Image by Alexandre Dulaunoy CC-2.0

Performing a Patent Search

Why You Should Perform a Patent Search Before you dedicate time and resources to a new idea, it is wise to first research the idea to determine if it is really new, or whether it has already been invented.  Powerful tools are available, for free public use, which make...

This Tax Secret Can Save Inventors a Fortune

 Tax Secret for Inventors An important but little-understood section of the Tax Code can provide important tax savings for inventors, when they sell or exchange a patent or pending patent application. If an inventor sells or exchanges his or her invention, the...

Patent Enforcement Without Going to Court

Patent Enforcement Without Court Once you have filed for your patent application, it is important to plan for using this powerful tool against your competitors.  Knockoffs come to market with astonishing speed in the modern global economy, you must be ready with a...

Profit from your Invention

A patent is a powerful tool that enables you to sue any person or company that uses your claimed invention. Obviously, the primary way patents are used is to sue competitors who try to infringe….

How to Use an NDA

A signed NDA should be obtained prior to any invention disclosure, to keep the invention confidential and prevent theft of the idea.