Karich & Associates is rated both a “Top Patent Firm”

and a “Top Trademark Firm” by Intellectual Property Today magazine.

Karich and Associates is an experienced and efficient boutique patent firm that practices exclusively in the field of patent and trademark law. Our clients are so satisfied that over 90% of our work comes from referrals and repeat business! We have low overhead, no senior partnership to support, and every member of our team has 10-15 years of experience in their field. We are responsive to our client’s needs, and can make filings quickly, a critical factor given today’s new first-to-file priority system. We can also obtain expedited review of your patent application in the Patent Office, achieving a response in 8-10 months (rather than the typical 2-3 years).

We have prepared hundreds of patents for a wide range of inventions, including consumer products (tools, home and garden, toys, etc.); construction tools and equipment; flight and automotive systems; software and business methods; medical devices; petrochemical engineering systems; and other mechanical devices, systems, and methods.

We have extensive International experience, and assist our clients in obtaining patent protection in many foreign countries, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Israel, India, Russia, and others. We can assist you in developing an International protection strategy to protect your invention throughout the world.

We have helped launch a wide range of successful start up ventures, raising funding via angel investors, technology incubators, and government grants. Successfully funded ventures including M-Biotech, Inc. (implantable glucose biosensors); Medhad, LLC (medical sensor devices used in physical rehabilitation); D4 Media, Inc. (media software); The Internet Toolbox Corporation (consumer internet software and training); Hollywood Prescription, Inc. (fashion and internet sales software); Movement, LLC (custom motorcycle wheels), and many others.

Intellectual Property Updates

The world of Intellectual Property has been changing fast.  Be sure to keep checking our website for our articles explaining these important changes to our IP laws as well as changes being made to major E-Commerce platforms.  Read our latest articles below.

Attention Amazon Sellers

Amazon is in the process of implementing big policy changes to help protect the intellectual property rights of its third-party sellers. For more information about these important changes, please link to my article in ECommerce Times below:


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Examination of Trademarks Relating to Cannabis after the 2018 Farm Bill:

Cannabis-related trademark applications have become increasingly common in recent months, particularly in California, where the market for such goods and services has substantially expanded. 

Along with the increase in cannabis-related trademarks, many questions arise regarding controlled substances, federal law, and drug-related paraphernalia.  This newsletter aims to clarify the regulations surrounding cannabis-related trademarks, and address frequent concerns surrounding examinations therefore.   Continue reading…

How We Can Help You

Protecting your product from competition is of growing importance in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world.  Competition is almost immediate, and without protection, it can be difficult to maintain margins and market share.  You must take advantage of intellectual property protections to fend off competitors, and prevent theft of your clients and sales.  Similarly, it is also important to avoiding infringement of IP belonging to the competition.

Karich & Associates can review your potential new product, or improved existing product, to determine what forms of intellectual property may be available to protect your product from competition.  We also provide research services to ensure that your product does not infringe the intellectual property of competitors.  The primary services used include the following:

Design patents can be used to protect the ornamental appearance of your product.

Utility patents can be used to protect functional/useful improvements of your product.

Trademark registrations may be used to protect company and product names, slogans, logos, trade dress, and other related markings.

International patent and trademark protection is often required, to protect the product in the U.S., China, and other countries.

Patent and trademark research can be used to make sure your product does not infringe any published/granted patents, or pending/registered trademarks.

I would recommend that anyone launching a new product, or looking to protect an existing product, first review my book, “Patent and Trademark Secrets,” for initial guidance in protecting your product.

We are available for phone consultations to discuss protection strategies for your product, and answer questions, from Monday-Friday, 9-5pm PST.  If you would like to schedule a 30-minute product review, please email your product information (photos, drawings, etc.), and your goals for the product, to eric@karich.net with a proposed time to talk, and your phone number/Skype address.  We will respond with a confirmation and a call-in number.  Direct call can be made to 800-949-0255 during these hours.

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